I am a stay at home mother of 2 amazing sons, Kamin(3), Malachi(1), and a stepmother to a beautiful daughter, Lana(7). My husband and I make the best of everything that we have. We try to teach our children to be respectful, caring, loving, and honorable adults. Life can be hard, not a lot of what we go through is predictable or even ideal. We have dealt with the move of our daughter, we have struggled and still struggle financially, I deal with a skin disability and so do my sons, we are normal. Humans. We are far from perfect. But we know we were made in the image of our savior. We were made for greatness. My job, my husbands, my kid’s job, THE MAIN JOB, is to share his light with others. So that’s my goal with this blog. I want to share my experiences, my life, my battles, my loses, and all victories, with you.

Smile and remember YOU ARE WORTHY!!


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Instagram: stephanie_breg

Snapchat: mrsbreg

YouTube: Stephanie Breg



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